Q. Do I have to attend all the yoga classes, discussions and workshops?
A. No, this trip is about staying in your higher self and honoring yourself within.

Q. I already have a festival ticket. Can I join the Evoke Passion Project?
A. Yes. During the festival we are here to facilitate a group camping area if you wish to camp with us. We are perfect for single travelers who don’t want to be alone or for people who are new to festival culture and would like a little guidance.

Q. If I buy my ticket separately, am I responsible for renting my tent and or bring my own?
A. Yes, camping gear is not included into the price if you book without a ticket.
We will save you space to be able to camp with us if you would like. If a ticket is purchased with the Evoke Passion Project the tent rental is included in the price.

Q. What if I don’t have time or want to raise money through the fundraising platform?
A. You can pay the full amount for the trip. If you pay the full amount, Evoke Passion Project will donate $500 on your behalf.

Q. Why would you donate $500 if I don’t raise the money myself?
A. Some people don’t have the time and we would like everyone involved to be part of the collective group in funding a school.

Q. What are we raising $1,000 for?
A. We believe in education. With each Evoke Passion Project trip, our goal is to fund 1-2 schoolhouses that will educate 100 children for every $1,000 raised. Our first February 2016 Costa Rica trip is aiming to build 1 schoolhouse in Nicaragua and 1 in India.

Q. Will the Evoke Passion Project assist in arranging outside activities?
A. Yes, we are here to assist you in any way possible.

Q. How much does it cost to reserve a spot for an Evoke Passion Project?
A. A 50% Deposit is required.

Q. When does the remainder of the trip need to be paid? What if I haven’t raised my goal of $1,000 before the trip?
A. The remainder should be settled up before the trip starts. The remainder is the Cost of the trip – deposit – fundraised amount = amount owed. If you have not fully fundraised the $1,000 but would like the opportunity to, we will allow the flexibility of your fundraising campaign to be extended 30 days from the ending of the trip. If at 30 days past the ending of the trip the money has not been fundraised, you will be expected to pay what is owed immediately. The extension only applies to participant’s who have raised over $500 before the trip starts. If you have fundraised under $500 before the trip starts you are required to pay the trip in full and will not be granted an extension.

Q. If I am owed any money from Evoke Passion Project from the deposit because I raised the full $1000, when will I be paid back?
A. You will be paid back within a 10 days of the trip ending.

Q. What if I am interested in private accommodations?
A. Each trip has different accommodations and the price of the trip currently reflects shared accommodations. If you would like your own room please contact Evoke Passion Project and we will do our best to accommodate you at a premium price.

Q. If I do not want to go the festival, can I come be a part of the program and meet up after the festival for the duration of the trip?
A. Yes, absolutely.